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Every year we are excited to team up with partners who share our vision in advancing the opportunities for international students to find clarity and meaningful work.

By partnering with MISC, your organisation can reach a large international student audience and be at the forefront of international student empowerment.

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MISC is uniquely placed to facilitate connections between international students, industry, education providers and government.



At MISC, we add the expertise brought by various contributors to develop and deliver programs that are truly unique one of a kind experiences.



Over a decade of existence, our impact now reaches latitudinally across various stakeholders and longitudinally through time.

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We invite you to partner with us, to help stage this year’s program to support international students. In line with a commitment to support diversity and inclusion, this is an opportunity to position your organisation at the forefront of international students’ empowerment in the Victorian community.

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Partner with MISC

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