Keynote: A Pragmatic Passion

Conference room May 11, 2018 9:45 am - 10:30 am

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Dr Kaushik Sridhar

How does one go about finding and establishing purpose in life and work? International student alumni Dr Kaushik Sridhar, who is¬†now Head of Sustainability at Regis Healthcare, will share his journey on his pursuit of purpose that has led him across continents to where he is today. Through personal stories that will inspire and challenge delegates to think about how they can be¬†changemakers personally and professionally, Dr Kaushik will also share his unique approach to outworking purpose, which he describes as “a pragmatic passion”. Prior to joining Regis Healthcare, Dr Sridhar was the National Sustainability Manager at KPMG, and has also worked at EY, Macquarie University and Unisys Australia, managing projects in areas including sustainability assurance, sustainability strategy and research.