To ensure Melbourne is the global destination of choice by celebrating students’ contribution to our city and providing outstanding opportunities in education, employment and life.

The City of Melbourne has played an active leadership role within the international education sector in Australia for the past decade and has an ongoing commitment to achieve the best possible outcomes for international students.

The City of Melbourne International Student Strategy 2013–17 recognises the unique contribution international students make to the city. It describes the beneficial impacts on our retail, employment, housing and knowledge sectors, sets a direction to grow our vision of Melbourne as the global international student destination of choice and recognises the key challenges that international students may face as they live and study in Melbourne.

The Strategy builds on and integrates Council’s work across the organisation and has been developed in line with the City of Melbourne’s Council Plan 2013-17 focusing on goals that build ‘A City for People’, ‘A Knowledge City’ and a ‘Prosperous City.’

By achieving these goals we will maintain our reputation as one of the world’s most welcoming, cosmopolitan and liveable cities and continue to position Melbourne as the knowledge capital of Australia and a global knowledge city. We will work to attract and retain international students beyond their student years ensuring they build life-long connections with our city.

For more information about the city’s range of services, advice and support for international students, visit the City of Melbourne website and Facebook page



Meld comm-magazine





Meld Community is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit community organisation dedicated to facilitating the development of a healthy international student community in Victoria, and helping students find a respectful place in the wider context of Australian life and society.

The organisation has a unique model of aligning the efforts of its student volunteers with their studies and providing opportunities for learning, industry exposure and relevant work experience.

It is the publisher of Meld Magazine, Melbourne’s go-to website for international students, as well as the organiser behind events such as the annual Melbourne International Student Conference and Teach Anything Good (TAG) initiative.

The organisation was originally established in 2008 as Meld Magazine in response to a need in the community, to give international students a voice and reflect the full picture of the international student experience.

Access to all content on Meld’s website is free, relevant and relates to international students across diverse social and economic backgrounds.

The organisation has received numerous awards over the years in recognition of its work with the international student community.

Meld was the recipient of the Excellence in International Student Experience award at the 2014 Victorian International Education Awards, and was cited in the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Principles to promote and protect the human rights of international students, October 2012, as a good practice example.

Most recently, Meld was recognised for highlighting issues of social importance and community awareness at Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2015.

To stay up to date with the latest international student news and information, as well as internship and volunteering opportunities, visit the Meld Magazine website and follow Meld on Facebook and Twitter